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Family Visa Procedures in Dubai's Key Locations: A Handy Guide

The cosmopolitan appeal of Dubai, with its rich cultural tapestry and economic opportunities, makes it an ideal place for families. If you're residing or planning to stay in central locations like BUR DUBAI, AL NAHDA DUBAI, DEIRA, AL QUSAIS, AL SATWA, Sheikh Zayed Road, or any other prime areas in Dubai, navigating the maze of family visa processes is crucial. This guide will help you understand how to apply for a new family visa, renew an existing one, and the process for cancellation.

Applying for a New Family Visa in Dubai
Applying for a New Family Visa in Dubai

Applying for a New Family Visa in Dubai:

  1. Determine Eligibility: Ensure you meet the salary threshold and other requirements set by the Dubai government.

  2. Gather Necessary Documents: Ready all necessary documents, with appropriate attestations where needed.

  3. Submission & Fee Payment: Apply through the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) portal and pay the requisite fee.

Documents Required for a New Family Visa:

  1. Sponsor: Passport & visa copies, employment contract, tenancy agreement, salary certificate.

  2. Family Member: Passport copy, passport-sized photos, attested birth or marriage certificate, medical clearance certificate.

Dubai Family Visa Renewal:

  1. Determine Validity: Ensure you apply for renewal before the current visa expires.

  2. Document Update: Gather updated documents, especially those that change annually.

  3. Submission & Fee Payment: Apply for renewal through the GDRFA portal and pay the renewal fee.

Documents Required for Visa Renewal:

  1. Sponsor: Passport & visa copies, renewed tenancy agreement, recent salary certificate.

  2. Family Member: Passport with current visa copy, recent passport-sized photos, and medical clearance for members above 18 years.

Dubai Family Visa Cancellation:

  1. Determine Need: Understand the circumstances necessitating cancellation.

  2. Submit Cancellation Request: Apply for visa cancellation through the GDRFA.

  3. Settle Finances: Ensure all dues, bills, and fines are cleared before applying for cancellation.

Documents Required for Visa Cancellation:

  1. Original Passport & Visa of the sponsored family member.

  2. Cancellation Form duly filled and signed by the sponsor.

Let Us Assist You:

Dealing with visa processes can be intricate. We specialize in family visa processing services, catering to spouses, children, parents, and maids. From new visa applications, renewals, to cancellations, trust us to guide you at every step. Our door-to-door document pickup and delivery ensures a hassle-free experience.

Get in Touch Today: Phone: +97143300011 Email: Website: Family Visa Dubai

Bringing your family to Dubai or ensuring they stay with you seamlessly is an endeavor worth pursuing. This guide and our expert services are here to make that journey smooth.

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